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C.J.H Sebire A 9th Parachute Battalion Fallen Hero

This page  is in honor of C.J.H. Sebire. Requested by his sister, Elaine M, King.

14406335 Private J. Sebire

Mortar Platoon, R (reserve) Company,

9th Parachute Battalion,

6th Airborne Division

C.J.H. Sebire (left) with his cousin Alcwyn Thomas.

     Born Ceiriog, Josue, Henri, Sebire in South Wales on the 26th April, 1924. His Mother was from Wales and his Father from the French Channel Island, hence the names he was given by his parents. His family moved up to London after his Father was given a Church after his Ordination.

     Jose ( as he was known) joined the Parachute Regiment as soon as he was old enough to sign his name on the dotted line. Both he and his cousin, Alcwyn Thomas signed up at the same time. These lads were like brothers as they were raised together since they were children. They remained together throughout their training and even parachuted in together over Normandy during the early hours of June 6th, 1944. Jose was killed on the 24th July, 1944. He fell by his cousins side. Jose was just 20 years old.

     Jose died protecting our freedom. He was a true Hero who should be remembered and honored for willingly giving his life for the lives of many.

C.J.H. Sebire's Headstone

A letter to his Family written shortly after the Normandy landing.
A poem written by Jose after the landing.

 A Paratroopers Lament

Gone is the glory and glamour

Of a lifetime of frolic and fun

Gone are the girls that I laughed with

And now I’m left holding this gun.


I looked at the Douglas Dakota

I thought of the jumps I had done

And I felt I had done my full quota

And I nervously clenched at my gun.


As we soared up aloft to 10,000

They said we were going for a ride

I bitterly thought of the morrow

And the drop on the other side


So the red light came on, we were ready

Stood up and hooked up as well

My knees felt a trifle unsteady

As I lunged through that door into hell.


Now all you young girls back in England

Remember the boys in the sky

Remember those brave Parachutists

The men who live only to die.


So come all you lads and you lassies

Give credit where credit is due

Remember the men dead in Europe

And remember they died there for you.


A few chutes failed to open that morning

As we sped down through Hell into space

I forgot all my parachute training

And landed a wide-right on my face!


So stand by your glasses ready

Here’s a toast to the men of the sky

Here’s to the dead already

And here’s to the next man to die.

Cute, don't you think?

Sung to the tune of "Red River Valley"