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General Issue weapons

The ENFIELD #4 MK1 is the primary rifle used by all enlisted British and Commonwealth troops from 1943 till the end of the war.

'This is the first rifle you will need to purchase for your British Paratrooper impression'


BREN LIGHT MACHINE GUN. Clibre - .303 (7.7mm). Range - 1,500 m. ROF - 650 rounds per minute. Magazine - 30 round. Feed - single or multiple. Infantry section automatic weapon used for saturation fire.

STEN GUN MK II, MK III (pictured), and MK V. Calibre - 9mm parabellum. ROF - 550 rounds per minute. Range - 100m. Magazine - 32 round. Feed - Single or multiple shot.  

ENFIELD #4 MK1. Calibre - .303 (7.7mm). Range - 1,800m. Magazine - 10 round. Feed - Bolt action The no.4 rifle was the standard issue infantry weapon. Ammunition was carried in bandoliers. Stripper clips held 5 rounds. 10 stripper clips in a bandolier. 

ENFIELD #1 MK3. Same information as above #4. This rifle is typically associated with the SMLE British WWI weapon.

THOMPSOM SUBMACHINE GUN M1A1. Calibre - .45 ACP Blow-back operated. ROF - 725 rounds per minute. Magazine - 20 or 30 round mag. (would not take a drum magazine). Effective range - 50m. Single or multiple shot. issued from U.S lend lease program.

COLT AUTOMATIC PISTOL. Calibre - .45. Magazine - 7 round.

ENFIELD REVOLVER. Calibre - .38. Six round cylinder.

WEBLEY REVOLVER. Calibre - .38. Six round cylinder.

2 - INCH MORTAR. Shortened for paratrooper use. ROF - 4 rounds per minute. Range - 450m. Mortars - Explosive and smoke. Crew - Two man. One carried mortar, the other ammunition.

ENFIELD VERY PISTOL. Calibre - 1 inch flare. Range - Varies. Magazine - 1 round, single shot.

FAIRBAIRN-SYKES (FS) DAGGER. Issued to Paratroopers, Commando's and special forces.

MACHETE. Issued to bren and mortar crews in europe to clear brush for preparing firing positions.

CARBINE M1. Calibre - .30 (7.62mm). Range - 1,270m. Practical range - 200m. Magazine - 15 round. Feed - single shot. Issued to Britain through U.s. lend lease program.







VICKERS- Platoon medium machine gun.