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General Issue weapons

BREN LIGHT MACHINE GUN. Clibre - .303 (7.7mm). Range - 1,500 m. ROF - 650 rounds per minute. Magazine - 30 round. Feed - single or multiple. Infantry section automatic weapon used for saturation fire.

STEN GUN MK II, MK III (pictured), and MK V. Calibre - 9mm parabellum. ROF - 550 rounds per minute. Range - 100m. Magazine - 32 round. Feed - Single or multiple shot.  

ENFIELD #4 MK1. Calibre - .303 (7.7mm). Range - 1,800m. Magazine - 10 round. Feed - Bolt action The no.4 rifle was the standard issue infantry weapon. Ammunition was carried in bandoliers. Stripper clips held 5 rounds. 10 stripper clips in a bandolier. 

ENFIELD #3 MK1. Same as above.

THOMPSOM SUBMACHINE GUN M1A1. Calibre - .45 ACP Blow-back operated. ROF - 725 rounds per minute. Magazine - 20 or 30 round mag. (would not take a drum magazine). Effective range - 50m. Single or multiple shot. issued from U.S lend lease program.

COLT AUTOMATIC PISTOL. Calibre - .45. Magazine - 7 round.

ENFIELD REVOLVER. Calibre - .38. Six round cylinder.

WEBLEY REVOLVER. Calibre - .38. Six round cylinder.

2 - INCH MORTAR. Shortened for paratrooper use. ROF - 4 rounds per minute. Range - 450m. Mortars - Explosive and smoke. Crew - Two man. One carried mortar, the other ammunition.

ENFIELD VERY PISTOL. Calibre - 1 inch flare. Range - Varies. Magazine - 1 round, single shot.

FAIRBAIRN-SYKES (FS) DAGGER. Issued to Paratroopers, Commando's and special forces.

MACHETE. Issued to bren and mortar crews in europe to clear brush for preparing firing positions.

CARBINE M1. Calibre - .30 (7.62mm). Range - 1,270m. Practical range - 200m. Magazine - 15 round. Feed - single shot. Issued to Britain through U.s. lend lease program.







VICKERS- Platoon medium machine gun.