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02/06 A cold one at Ft. Custer

Thunder 06. A fine lookin' bunch o' lads!

The Papak's and their Bren carrier.

Marching off the field of battle.

Scott and Mel's period wedding 02/07

The lads with their lasses at the reception.

Macomb USO swing dance 02/07

The big band and the "Andrew Sisters"

Pattie wins best dressed. You go girl!

Farmington Founders Festival march.

Wolcott Mill. Taking the bridge at Arnhem.

Alan looking his best at Wolcott.

08/07 Auburn ,Indiana Victory museum.

12/07. Nook and JAF at Greenfield Village, Holiday Nights.

Giving the folks a little history lesson.

The GAP. 02/08



GAP. Antique Row. The whole street is all WWII.

Benton Harbor. 07/08

"I think I'm going Japanese, I really think so"

The Japs are digging in.

Thunder 08. R.Lee Ermey stops by.

Rusty pissed off the "Gunnery Sergeant"!

The boy's of Thunder 08'

"Pack up you troubles in your old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile"

"Look, he loosed his bowels. He's a gonna'"

Pulled off the front line for some R&R. Thunder08

The Special Underwater, Airborne Brigade!!!!

Chuming with some lads from the 1st Airborne RECCE Squadron. Rockford 08'