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Ft. Custer "Delay the Enevitable" 03/10

Pre-battle strategy meeting at the All Ranks Club.

Andy and Jim dug-in and waiting to repel the attack.

Rusty and Kurt dug-in, right flank.

Ricky. Front door. "Come on in boy's. Door's open!"

Sniper took out Rusty!

Thunder Over Michigan 2010. Young "trainees" covering the rear of camp.

Ahh, the French and bread. A warm hearted welcome.

Hmm. Don't quite know what to say about this one. Umm. Retreat?

Stuart at Thunder.

The Preacher. When this thing come a rollin to ya, you better be praying!!

The last thing you want to see when a B-17 flies overhead!

B-24 Liberator escorted into the fray.

2nd pass with a .50 cal blaring out of the side door. Amazing to see.

Lowell 2011. Beaver trying to stop a Tiger.

Reciting the "British Soldiers Creed". Mr. Efird sworn in as a Para.

"Interrorgating" the enemy....................

Our no.1 fan, Durand is given an honorary membership into the 9th.

Jaf and Nook on the set of Pox on Peace, a WWI movie.

Sparky, Andy, Nook, & Scott, Pox on Peace.

9th Paras at Thunder Over Michigan, July 2012

Delay the Inevitable, Ft. Custer 3/13

Forging new alliances with the American soldiers at Rockford, 2013.

The 9th on the March at Thunder Over Michigan, Aug. 2014

The 9th still going strong, August 2015

Our Armor support has taken a hit, at Bristol WWII days, May 2016

Rockford, 2017

Radioman under fire, Rockford 2017